May 21

Reviving Blackberry Live

Back in the day (I’m talking about 2011 and before), Blackberry was all about providing the best internet services and also the most secure mobile devices to business owners. But I remember that their internet plans were cheaper, and so, as a college student, I bought a Blackberry device and I loved it.

It was nothing short of amazing. And with blazing fast internet, there was nothing that I couldn’t do through that amazing piece of technology.

Watch out for this space for some amazing content about blackberry, flowers and SEO. You are definitely going to love it.

Have a great day.


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May 18

Looking for the Best Flowers for Your Fall Wedding? Take Note of These Tips

Fall weddings are amazing. The mood is perfect and people are generally in a mood of having a fun/romantic time with their loved ones. This is the perfect time to kindle that lovely spirit and start your journey to a new and better life.

But while you are trying to make sure that everyone’s having a great time, you also want to make sure that the flowers on your wedding are perfect. They should fit the overall mood of the wedding and also the colour scheme.

Deep shades of red or in different hues are always trendy. And they have a right to be. Because they look perfect with the season. And these deeper shades look more earthy than other lighter colours.

Those rich, wine-coloured red flowers are always amazing. And don’t be afraid to go a little out of the box here. You can also have a bridal bouquet. If you’re looking for a wide variety of flowers that you can choose from, head on over to Better Gift Flowers.

Most people might think that that is inappropriate for fall weddings. But trust me, give it a shot and see who tells you that. I bet no one will even recall that thought because they will be amazed by the beauty of that bouquet. And not only that, you will also have other activities for the guests. So I highly doubt that they will have the time to think about what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Instead, they will be focused on enjoying the time there because your wedding will be so amazing.

If you want to take things even further with your wedding flowers, you can use white vases with different colours of flowers. Something like deep brown, orange and red would be perfect. They will blend in with the rustic feeling of the fall season. Copper colours are also in fashion during the fall season. So if you are looking to go a little bit classy here, you can use copper plates for your flower vases. It will give you an old timey feeling while also making things look and feel amazing. Check out for the best bouquets that you can ever find at a florist’s shop or even online.

The idea here is to use the colours that are in trend and make things classy or beautiful. But you must strive to achieve for both because that’s when the goldilocks zone is. With just the right amount of rustic feeling and a classy feeling and you will have the perfect formula for your wedding.

This will leave your guests talking about your decorations, flowers, food, etc. For weeks to come. And not only that, they will have an amazing time. Because at the end of the day, that’s what we are going for.

Regardless of all the decorations, the flowers and the bouquets, enjoyment is the thing that you want to focus on the most. If you and your guests are having a great time, you won’t need anything else after that.

You will find a ton of people writing tips on different blogs like WordPress, MyFreeSites, etc. about which flowers you should choose for your wedding and which ones not to. And while those tips might be good, you want to make sure that you do your own research on the topic before making the final decision.

And why stop just at the research? You can take things a step further by asking your wedding planner for more suggestions. And only take them as suggestions because I know from personal experience that they almost always suggest the expensive things 😀

I hope these tips helped you with the selection of flowers for your fall wedding. Remember, the rustic feeling and copper are important. If you can get that right, you will be set.

If you’re looking for more tips on how you can save money for your fall wedding, check out this YouTube video.

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