BlackBerry is still the most widely used smartphone in the U.S. Despite the advanced technologies in other mobile phones BlackBerry is still popular and here are the reasons why.

The keyboard

The BlackBerry users love the keyboard on their phone. They like the click of the keys. There is even the shift key. So, it’s very similar to a full-size computer keyboard. When most phones are moving towards touch screen, BlackBerry stands out with its unique keyboard. People don’t have to look at the phone when typing messages.

The red light

There’s a little silver of a red light on top of the BlackBerry phone. The light blinks when you have a new message or call. People are addicted to the light. Whenever people see that red light blinking they know that there is a message or a call waiting for them.

It’s business-like

It can run flashy applications. You can play games with it, upload pictures to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is a business-friendly device. Recently, it is being promoted as a leisure phone for multitasking young people. Blackberry is highly secure. It can encrypt the message. So, business owners can comfortably give their phones to their employees who can share sensitive documents over the phone.

Those who are used to using BlackBerry phones find it hard to switch to any other mobile devices. You won’t find these features of BlackBerry in any other phones. So, this is what makes it so popular.

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