How Can Software Testing Be Improved?

Before the launch of any new software or its recent update, it must undergo intense testing in order to release a bug free version of the application to the users. However, software testing is quite a daunting task, which can be improved by following some simple guidelines.

  1. First, every team such as the Program Development Team, Quality Analysis Team and the Program Manager should function independently and report their respective results without consultation with the other team members.
  2. Make a list of the software requirements, including all possible scenarios before beginning testing and not at the time of testing.
  3. Write down the expected outcomes as per the program created.
  4. Think of all possible inputs and make a note. This should consist of both valid and invalid inputs.
  5. Corresponding to each input, pen down the expected result.
  6. In cases of invalid outputs, write down the exact error message that needs to be displayed to the user.
  7. Each case that has been written down must be reviewed prior to testing to ensure no used case has been missed out.
  8. Tester should try to understand the logic behind the working of the program and try to find loopholes in the logic for an efficient testing process.
  9. Carry out both, black box and white box testing to ensure 100% error free software.
  10. If any module is too big to test, then the best practice is to break it into parts and test each part individually.
  11. All bugs must be recorded with ample information and relevant attachments using an appropriate bug-tracking tool, which can be accessed by the developers and testers at the same time, thus avoiding confusion and delay due to verbal or written communication and hence saving time.
  12. Create deadlines and ensure that the every member sticks to the respective deadlines.
  13. Testing reports must be generated on a regular basis to check testing efficiency. Check parameters like Bug Find Rate, Test Case Effectiveness, Effort Variance, and Schedule Variance and so on.
  14. Ensure to conduct team review meetings after every release and to review the testing reports that have been generated to discuss further course of action.

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