Arrive with a Chanel bag and let the whole world know that you have made it. This is what a Chanel bag is all about. Luxury, style, sophistication and much more only with a Chanel bag. If you are planning on investing in a Chanel bag, you obviously will want to scout for options where it is available at the best possible price. It is but obvious to look at the best price, as the prices for these bags are hiked almost every year. And even when you get a discount of a few percent, you still end up saving lots of money, enough to shop for some things.

One must however beware not to fall into the trap of a fake Chanel bag, while looking out for a cheaper option. So the best bet is to look out for a Chanel bag only in an exclusive Chanel store where you now you will not be duped. Chanel handbags at discounted prices are available at various countries across the world.

If you do some basic research you will know that even though authentic Chanel bags are available almost all across the globe, the bets priced bags are available only in Europe. This is one of the best places to shop especially if you are a Non Europe citizen you can take advantage of the huge tax advantage of as much as 12%.

Even without the tax advantage, shopping for a Chanel bag is cheaper in Europe as compared to the US or even Hong Kong. The main difference in price is because most of the Chanel bags are made in France, Spain and Italy. And so when these bags are brought to other countries, a whole lot of transportation expense is hiked. Also the taxes on imported items end up making the bag far more expensive.

While shopping in Europe for a Chanel bag, it is Paris that is one of the better options, as they have as many as 12 boutiques. This gives a person more options to look at.

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