How do Walkie Talkies Increase Child Safety?

Children of all ages love playing with walkie talkies, but many parents don’t realize they can also be used to help keep kids safe by using a walkie talkie. They are great for when your child will be doing something without you, such as going to the shop or to a friends house. They’re also perfect for outings such as trips to a theme park or festival, where there are large crowds which children can potentially get lost in.

If you are planning to use the radio system to help keep your child safe when they are out alone, you’ll need to get a ‘real’ set rather than a ‘toy’ one, as the range on cheaper toy models is nowhere near as long as it is on proper sets. It is important to make sure your child knows how to use all the features of the handset before letting them go out alone with it.

Walkie Talkie Range

You’ll also need to check the range on the walkie talkies, to make sure they will cover the distance you intend to use them at. If your child will be walking somewhere alone, check the route they will be taking, to ensure there aren’t any points where the two handsets will become out of range.

Walkie talkies can be a great way to build your child up to getting their first mobile phone. They are ideal for tweens, who don’t yet need an expensive mobile phone package, but would still benefit from some independence. If the radios come in a set of 4, they can communicate with friends as well as parents, which is great for allowing your tween more freedom.

2- Way Walkie Talkie COMMUNICATION

Whilst a two-way radio system can be a great way to keep in touch with your children, it’s important to know that other people might be listening. Most radios can operate on a range of frequencies, which means there is a possibility that someone else is listening. It’s important not to give away too much personal information, or talk about exact locations. Teach your child what to do if a stranger approaches them over the radio system so they can stay out of danger.

Overall, if used correctly, walkie talkies can be a great way to keep children safe. They are the perfect solution for parents who are anxious about letting their children out alone for the first time. They’re also great for taking to large events, to ensure you can always communicate with your child at the touch of a button.

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