The mobile industry is developing fast. We are having new models of mobile phones every year with new features. Here are the latest trends in the mobile industry.

1. New form factor and flexible design

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note Edge has been very successful with its new form factor. The design looks beautiful and it’s very comfortable to operate as well. LG’s Flex series is very similar. The gentle vertical curve improves the ergonomics of regular phone calls and touchscreen operation. Samsung will soon launch it’s ‘Foldable Valley’ device. It will have a bendable display that will open and close just like a book. So, the users will have a large screen, at the same time they can carry it around easily.

2. New battery technologies

The present mobile devices have low battery capacity. Phone manufacturers are innovating the way they charge the phone. They are improving the battery technology as well. Batteries that have large capacity usually take a long time to charge. But fast charging technologies are in place, like MediaTek Pump Express Plus. Such technologies can greatly speed up the charging process. The wireless charging technology is also improving.

3. Smartwatches are companions to smartphones

Smartphones provide task management and communication features. The blend of mobile internet access, mobile hardware and voice control technology has made smartwatches very popular today.

4. Faster wireless networks

The mobile phones now have faster wireless networks. The new LTE-A technology provides 3 Gbps for download and 1.5 Gbps for upload. However, this is limited to the large metropolitan areas only. LTE-A achieves its high speed due to ‘carrier aggregation’. It simplifies the way your phone gets and sends data at the same time from different frequencies.

These trends in mobile phone technology have made mobile more user-friendly. We can now do many things using mobile phones. The technology will become more advanced in future and we will have even better functionality in our mobile phones.

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